funding growth for direct to consumer pros

Responding quickly to success in the marketplace is crucial in direct response, because windows of opportunity can close suddenly. Use a line of credit from Media Funding to build momentum and protect market share. Use Media Funding’s high risk processing to get all the merchant accounts you will need.

  • Get a credit line for $30,000.00 TO $3,000,000.00.
  • Start-ups welcome. Based on campaign performance. Company and personal financials not required.
  • Get bullet proof processing from multiple sources foreign and domestic.

** Cert or seal – we fund campaigns on TV, radio, and online

  • Get your commissions paid daily (CPA,PPA,CPC).
  • No campaign start and stop frustrations with our “bullet proof processing” and multiple inventory supply lines.
  • Check out our worldwide campaigns with high, proven EPC metrics.
  • Refer one of your clients to us and we will pay all your invoices.
  • For you, no more collections. No late pays. No hassles.
  • For her, the funding she needs to grow fast.
  • Factor your invoices to lead aggregators
  • Pays weekly. Low fees
  • Easy Application