What Our Clients Like About Us

When you choose to work with Media Funding, you will be bringing on board a committed partner that is ready to help you take your business to a whole new level.

Leverage our experience

Three key players in Media Funding have a combined fifty-eight years of experience in direct response marketing.  Our founder, Peter Bieler, created one of the first 100 million dollar direct response successes – the Suzanne Sommers ThighMaster in 1991. We have longstanding relationships with most of the significant vendors who will support and service your campaign’s success. In short, we know the industry and all its intricacies through and through and we have the experience and the expertise you need to succeed.

We have our fingers on the pulse of the industry

By working with us, you as a client have access to in-depth and ultra-current information about all outsourced vendors. It rarely comes down to whether vendor A or vendor B is the “best.”  The question is rather, which vendor has the specific strengths that will service your specific situation and needs most profitably? Tap into our knowledge and avoid costly trial and error.

We understand your needs

We fully understand the challenges you face in ramping up your business and we are here to fill in the revenue gap. You need sales to make money. You need money to make sales. We help you cover the up-front costs and manage the timing gap from profits coming in.

Full support every step of the way

As a Media Funding client, you are assigned a coach that is there to support you throughout the process of getting your campaign funded. Your coach is committed to making the partnership work as smoothly as possible and to offer the assistance you need. You also get access to our sophisticated monitoring and campaign protection procedures.

 We do what others cannot (or will not)

One of the most common questions we get is “how are you able to do this?” We have made it our business to understand the risk tolerance of the banks and the processors that service our business.  We can steer you in the right direction for your product, with a balance between rates, reserves and risk tolerance, which means you will get the best value with the least chance of processing interruption.

The processes, the databases and the funding model we have developed allow us to take on risks and forward funds to businesses and individuals that traditional lending institutions cannot service. Where they see unacceptable risk, we see potential.

You’re in charge

Even though we are here to help and coach you, when Media Funding finances your company, we do not take over control. It is your creative effort that drives the profits and we do not interfere with the process. You choose your media company, fulfillment house, telemarketing, order processing, etc. We also do not take equity; just fees on the funds we advance.

We will get you started and we will fund you as long as you stay profitable. If you want to start funding yourself, in whole or part, no problem. Use us as a back-up, or stop using our money altogether. We are there when you need us.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and commit to making your business succeed? Great – you are exactly who we are looking to work with!

Contact us today to get the ball rolling.