“The folks at MFC take the painful process of launching and financing a crowdfunding campaign and make it a painless experience for those of us depending upon them. Their flexibility, reliability, and deep understanding of the world of direct response makes them an ideal partner in this industry. We have enjoyed our relationship with MFC and more importantly, so have our clients.”

- Marketing Agency for Crowdfunding Campaigns

“When I first came to Media Funding, I could only afford $3,000.00 a week for media. Now, I have grown my campaign to a steady $300,000 of media spend a week! Media Funding assisted me throughout the entire process and made my campaign into a consistent and booming business.

- Online Financial Services Client

“I knew I had a promising campaign that could ramp up in a short amount of time but having to keep up with the media spend on my own restricted revenue, and I just couldn’t grow. That’s where Media Funding came in. My campaign grew 300% to where I started in a matter of months. Media Funding is what committed marketers needs.

- TV Nutraceuticals/Supplement Client

“When I came to Media Funding, I was a new marketer in the online space with very little cash flow. To get started, I needed weeks of media spend upfront, which left me incapable of growing the campaign and ramping up. Media Funding provided that media spend and worked with my payment terms. I have been with Media Funding for years and my campaign has grown exponentially from where it started. It’s been an amazing journey.”

- Affiliate Skin & Beauty Client

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